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What on earth is occurring on this previous picture?!?

I came upon this picture as we speak within the Washington State archives and, nicely, I do not know what the hell is happening right here.

Let see if the archive’s description can shine any mild on it: “Reveals 16 males standing on high of a log resting on a railroad flatcar, together with a canine and a bicycle. The prepare automotive is labeled ‘Northern Pacific 69318’. A bear den is seen contained in the log, and a pair of openings. A person stands contained in the opening to the appropriate.”

I imply, OK, sure, that could be a description of what the picture reveals. BUT WHY?!? It will get stranger the longer you take a look at it. Why are all these guys standing on high of that log? Why is the go browsing a prepare? Why is there a bear contained in the log? And why did that one man haul his bicycle all of the up on high with him?

It was printed between 1907 and 1915 by Lowman & Hanford Co. in Seattle. That’s the place my clues run out. I welcome your theories and your picture captions.

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