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Rain Meditation: The Mindfulness Device That Cultivates Self Compassion And Acceptance

In the event you’ve been practising mindfulness for some time, you’ll have come throughout the meditation approach RAIN. Rain meditation is a observe of radical compassion, serving to you domesticate self-love and self-compassion to awaken to your highest energy.

Rain is a robust therapeutic observe that may assist you let go of ache and struggling to expertise extra interior peace and freedom. Nevertheless, as it might probably deliver up tough feelings, it’s finest to achieve a deeper understanding of the approach earlier than attempting it.

This text will break down the acronym rain and clarify methods to observe it to be able to detach from previous habits and domesticate a happier life.

What’s Rain meditation?

RAIN is a type of mindfulness meditation that consists of 4 particular steps. Like different types of meditation, the aim of RAIN is to domesticate a state of heightened consciousness by specializing in the current second. Nevertheless, what makes RAIN distinctive is that it encourages you to be compassionate in direction of your self, notably the unfavorable feelings and ideas you might be experiencing.

Meditation instructor Michele McDonald created the meditation observe round 20 years in the past. Since then, a number of psychologists have taught and tailored the approach. Nevertheless, the well-known psychologist and writer Tara Brach made rain meditation well-known within the religious and private development world.

Based on Michele McDonald, the acronym rain stands for ‘recognition, acceptance, investigation, and non-identification. Nevertheless, Tara Brach teaches the acronym rain as ‘Acknowledge, Permit, Examine, Nurture.’ 

R – Acknowledge

Step one of rain is to acknowledge what you’re feeling at present second, bodily, mentally, and emotionally. It is sort of a check-in with your self to see what comes up. This step is essential as we regularly suppress uncomfortable emotions by making ourselves busy, distracting ourselves with unhealthy habits or behaviors, or avoiding going through sure issues.

The extra we push away how we really feel, the extra we turn out to be at warfare with ourselves. This deepens our self-judgment and self-aversion, so we consistently put ourselves down and converse poorly of ourselves, creating self-hate.

Sitting down and cultivating stillness in our physique permits any suppressed tough feelings to come up. As they do, all you might want to do is mentally word what the sensation is that you’re experiencing. For instance, you would possibly observe nervousness and disappointment.

Whereas recognizing our emotions could be very uncomfortable, it can be empowering. The extra consciousness we acquire of ourselves, the nearer we transfer in direction of self-compassion and acceptance.

A – Permit

As soon as we acknowledge how we’re feeling, the subsequent step is to let the feelings be there. This may be probably the most uncomfortable a part of RAIN. It entails resisting the urge to cease the observe or enter a spiral of judgment the place we blame ourselves or others for feeling the best way we do.

For instance, maybe we acknowledge a sense of unhappiness relating to a previous occasion. We would deal with the particular person concerned in that occasion and blame them for making us really feel this manner. Nevertheless, in RAIN, we must always merely permit the emotion to be there with out figuring out whose fault it’s.

One other tendency we might have when an emotion arises, notably stress, is the urge to shortly remedy the issue, so we not really feel this manner. Nevertheless, that is counterproductive to the therapeutic course of, so we must always strive to withstand the need to do something concerning the emotion we’re experiencing.

The area we create via permitting helps us to find extra profound elements of ourselves, which is integral to non-public and religious development.

I – Examine

The third step, investigation, is about creating curiosity about our emotions. This entails mentally asking questions like, “how does this emotion make my physique really feel?” or “how is my thoughts being affected by my emotional state?”. It’s about exploring additional how a fancy emotion impacts us on all ranges moderately than obsessively desirous about why you are feeling the best way you do.

One other good self-reflection query is, “What does this sense need from me?”. Generally feelings come up as a result of we’re neglecting one thing that wants our consideration. This could possibly be a bodily damage or sickness. Thus, the sensation could possibly be telling you to handle that subject. Alternatively, the emotion may have one thing from you to cross, comparable to self-compassion, acceptance, or forgiveness.

N – Nurture

As soon as you establish what the difficult emotion wants, the ultimate step is to provide it that nourishment. Nurture the distressed a part of you, whether or not it’s your coronary heart, soul, thoughts, or an injured limb. This step will assist you study to be form to your self and develop extra self-compassion. It additionally provides you the chance to mom your self in a manner that maybe you weren’t mothered as a baby.

Advantages of practising rain meditation

RAIN meditation does extra than simply enhance our pure consciousness and presence. It’s a useful software for navigating probably the most tough feelings and conditions that come up in life. By practising rain meditations, you’ll be able to:

  • Overcome grief and despair because the approach helps you course of emotions and thus, heal from emotional ache.
  • Take care of nervousness as you’ll be able to higher determine ideas coming from fears.
  • Domesticate extra self-compassion and self-love, enabling you to take higher care of your self and nurture your physique and thoughts.
  • Acquire extra self-acceptance and confidence to maneuver ahead and obtain your targets.
  • Develop into much less judgemental of your self and others.
  • Talk higher with others as you learn to higher talk with your self.
  • Develop mindfulness in on a regular basis life and progress deeper in your meditation/religious journey.

Tips on how to observe rain meditation

Rain is usually practiced as a stand-alone meditation moderately than as a part of one other kind of meditation observe. The acronym makes RAIN an easy-to-remember software, so you are able to do it independently when you study the method.

Nevertheless, we advocate following the RAIN guided meditation with Tara Brach at the very least the primary few occasions. You may obtain this 20-minute guided meditation onto your telephone or audio participant to entry the therapeutic guided observe every time obligatory.

Earlier than practising RAIN, create a quiet and comfy surroundings the place you’ll not be disturbed and may turn out to be susceptible. It’s best to do it in a room the place there is no such thing as a one else (except you might be practising along with a cherished one).

  1. Like all meditations, take a couple of minutes to heart your self and connect with your breath. Take just a few full, deep breaths, after which focus in your pure respiratory fee till you are feeling your thoughts begins to settle.
  2. Consider a difficult scenario that is occurring in your life proper now. It could possibly be about your well being, work life, a relationship, or one thing else. Tara Brach suggests selecting one thing with a “cost response” that triggers you however not one thing that feels overwhelming, like a traumatic occasion.
  3. Now visualize in your thoughts the particular set off relating to this case. For instance, in case you are having bother along with your associate, perhaps you establish that you simply really feel most emotionally activated when your associate says one thing specifically.
  4. After getting the set off, start the primary stage of RAIN by recognizing what emotion or feeling is probably the most predominant once you consider this set off.
  5. When you determine the emotion, permit it to be there.
  6. Examine probably the most difficult a part of this emotion. Ask your self what you imagine concerning the scenario and what’s asking for probably the most consideration from you.
  7. Primarily based in your investigation, nurture your self in no matter manner your physique wants proper now. You may ship love and compassion to your self by bringing a hand to your coronary heart or stomach and holding it there till the susceptible place feels extra tender.
  8. Lastly, take just a few moments to relaxation within the presence created. Discover any variations in your emotional state now in comparison with earlier than the meditation.

What to do when difficult emotions come up

Use the Drop Of Rain approach

A key idea of RAIN is to permit uncomfortable and painful feelings to come back up and never push them away. Michelle McDonald not too long ago expanded on her RAIN acronym, introducing DROP.

Whereas rain focuses on permitting and coping with unfavorable and uncomfortable emotions. DROP is about different ideas or emotions that get in the best way and cease us from being current once we do the rain observe.

DROP stands for Delusion/Distraction, Resistance, Obliviousness, and Personalisation. Let’s discover this new acronym in additional element.

D – Distraction

It’s common to turn out to be distracted throughout step one of RAIN. Chances are you’ll be attempting to acknowledge how you are feeling, however your thoughts retains wandering to ideas of what you might want to get finished or what occurred yesterday.

In the event you come up in opposition to distraction once you sit all the way down to observe rain, acknowledge that distraction is regular in meditation and a part of the method of calming the thoughts. The breath serves as an anchor to the current second, so everytime you discover your thoughts wandering, redirect your consideration to your breath for just a few moments.

R – Resistance

Resistance mostly comes up through the second stage of rain. Some tough feelings like nervousness or anger could be robust to just accept and permit as a result of you don’t suppose you must really feel that manner. In the event you really feel resistance come up, discover this and push via it.

O – Obliviousness

Obliviousness occurs once we faux feelings aren’t there or attempt to conceal or ignore them. For instance, if you end up within the third stage of rain, your thoughts would possibly inform you that the emotion will not be there anymore when in actuality, you are attempting to brush it below the carpet. Be cautious that you don’t do that because it simply causes deeper set stress and struggling.

P – Personalisation

Personalization is about not taking your feelings personally. Generally we determine with an emotion as ‘our’ feeling. Nevertheless, this self-identification simply heightens the emotional vitality. So everytime you really feel anger, don’t check with it as ‘your anger.’ Non-identification means issues in an impersonal manner, separating them totally from your self.

Closing ideas on Rain meditation observe

Generally our feelings can eat us, leaving us within the area of struggling and ache. Rain guided meditations assist us weave via this dense forest of emotions, creating a way of interior calm. So whether or not you’re coping with emotions of worry, grief, or unhappiness, discover RAIN meditations and expertise deeper consciousness, compassion, and freedom.

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