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Oral tablet taken as soon as a day improves outcomes of sufferers with myelofibrosis

Momelotinib, an oral tablet taken as soon as a day, considerably improved outcomes of sufferers handled for myelofibrosis (MF), a uncommon however deadly bone marrow most cancers, researchers reported June 7. Ruben Mesa, MD, FACP, govt director of the Mays Most cancers Middle, residence to UT Well being San Antonio MD Anderson Most cancers Middle, introduced outcomes of the MOMENTUM section 3 randomized examine, which evaluated momelotinib towards a second medicine, danazol, in symptomatic and anemic MF sufferers beforehand handled with standard-of-care JAK inhibitor remedy.

Dr. Mesa, co-lead principal investigator of the examine, introduced the findings in Chicago on the Annual Assembly of the American Society of Medical Oncology (ASCO). MOMENTUM enrolled 195 MF sufferers in 21 nations.


In myelofibrosis, scar tissue varieties within the bone marrow and hinders the physique’s capacity to provide wholesome blood cells. Anemia, an absence of crimson blood cells to hold oxygen all through the physique, is noticed in nearly all MF sufferers and negatively impacts survival, Dr. Mesa stated.

A 3rd of the sufferers have anemia up entrance, and most sufferers will develop it over the course of their illness. For sufferers with extreme anemia, survival is shortened to about two years. Even with gentle anemia, the median survival is 4.9 years. A drug to deal with anemia in these sufferers has been urgently wanted.”

Dr. Ruben Mesa, MD, FACP, govt director of the Mays Most cancers Middle

With out anemia, median survival with MF is nearer to eight years, he stated.

Myelofibrosis options irregular signaling of JAK proteins and extreme activation of one other protein, ACVR1. Pioneering MF medicine developed during the last decade, similar to ruxolitinib, inhibit the dangerous JAK signaling, whereas momelotinib is the primary drug that inhibits each JAK and ACVR1, Dr. Mesa stated.

“It has JAK1, JAK2 and ACVR1 inhibitors in a single drug and addresses power irritation because of the hyperactivation of ACVR1 as a consequence of the illness,” Dr. Mesa stated.


Of the enrolled contributors, 130 acquired momelotinib and 65 danazol. Individuals didn’t know till after 24 weeks which drug they acquired, and people within the danazol group had been allowed to cross over to momelotinib at the moment.

Within the momelotinib group:

  • All prespecified main and key secondary endpoints had been met.
  • Important enhancements in signs, spleen dimension and anemia measures had been noticed.
  • Favorable security and a pattern towards improved general survival had been documented.
  • Individuals required fewer transfusions to interchange crimson blood cells and evidenced higher oxygen-carrying hemoglobin ranges.

“The outcomes had been compelling,” Dr. Mesa stated. “The examine enrolled contributors completely throughout the COVID time-frame, which was exceptional. Momelotinib met all main and secondary endpoints and inside the brief span of six months, there was a pattern towards general survival profit, which can be exceptional.

“Findings help the long run use of momelotinib as an efficient remedy in MF sufferers, particularly in these with anemia,” Dr. Mesa concluded.

The MOMENTUM examine was sponsored by Sierra Oncology of San Mateo, Calif.

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