MLM lies which might be informed by the salespeople and firms

It by no means fails to amaze me the lengths that vitamin MLM salespeople and ‘coaches’ will go to to promote their merchandise.

Don’t get me flawed: not everybody who sells an MLM product is suspect. 

However too many MLM ‘huns’ – named for his or her manner of cold-emailing even probably the most distant of acquaintances with the opening line, ‘hey hun…it’s been some time,’ promote lies to maneuver product.

These huns would possibly actually imagine of their firm’s merchandise, however they take it a step additional by actually consuming the kool support. They turn into so invested of their MLM, that rational thought falls by the wayside (in the event that they ever had the potential for rational thought within the first place, however I’d like to provide them the advantage of the doubt, at the very least.) 

This results in the kind of content material that we’re going to speak about right here: content material that tells such loopy vitamin lies, that so defies the boundaries of decency and human physiology, that it’s truthfully a marvel how firms enable it to be put on the market in any respect.

Besides that these MLM firms don’t appear to care what their salespeople put on the market. There’s a definite lack of oversight, which is why we see the next lies being repeated time and again by vitamin MLMs themselves, and their salespeople:

Cravings might be stopped with dietary supplements.

Vitamin MLMs love to speak about how their dietary supplements ‘curb cravings.’ These merchandise normally have some mixture of chromium, B nutritional vitamins, protein, and fibre. 

elevacity coffee

These folks positively don’t drink Elevacity’s ‘Blissful Espresso,’ which claims to suppress urge for food and cravings with ‘well-known’ pure extracts 

What they pass over is that cravings:

Are sometimes emotional. No complement goes to assist that.

Will be since you’re not giving your physique one thing it wants – like carbs. 

No complement goes to assist that, however not proscribing carbs so laborious will!

Will be situational. No complement goes to assist that. 

Will be hormonal. No complement goes to assist that. 

For these of you with PCOS, cravings are extra complicated…however are typically not relieved by dietary supplements of any type. Learn my PCOS and food plan put up right here. 

No complement has ever been proven to enhance cravings. To handle cravings, you first have to determine the place they’re coming from. After getting that info, you can begin to sort out them. 

My e book Good Meals, Dangerous Food regimen may help you begin this course of. 

Their proprietary formulation is the sh*t.

What’s it with proprietary blends and MLMs?

Oh yeah…blends with no particular ingredient quantities listed enable the corporate to completely skimp on ‘energetic elements’ (which most likely aren’t that ‘energetic’ anyhow.)

Thrive supplement

Right here’s the label from one in all Thrive’s dietary supplements. We will see which elements are within the proprietary formulation, however not their quantities.

In addition they facilitate the advertising of supposedly ‘groundbreaking’ weight reduction and wellness merchandise. It’s simple to say your complement or shake is ‘revolutionary,’ when no person can actually examine if that’s true…since you aren’t giving them the entire story about what’s actually in it.

I’ve by no means in my life seen a legit complement that incorporates a proprietary mix. 

Corporations shouldn’t have to cover what’s of their dietary supplements. I don’t purchase the ‘however different folks will steal what we’ve obtained!’ defence; when individuals are placing your merchandise into their physique, you shouldn’t be hiding what’s in these dietary supplements. 

Proprietary formulation are simply one other manner of snowing the patron and making them assume {that a} product is particular, when it actually isn’t. 

Please don’t fall for this scheme. 

Their MLM merchandise will remodel your life.

Each single vitamin MLM is promoting a food plan, it doesn’t matter what they inform you.

Whether or not it’s Arbonne, It Works, Noom, Beachbody, Isagenix, Plexus, or no matter – all diets.

Spending cash on ineffective rubbish diets doesn’t remodel your life; it makes your life suck.

No matter you imagine can remodel your life, a weight reduction food plan gained’t change who you might be and what your worth system is. It gained’t change the way you deal with folks and the way a lot you hate your job.

B-Epic reviews

A real transformation typically comes from inside, and takes work. Loads of it.

Be very skeptical of anybody promising a metamorphosis after which making an attempt to promote you one thing. That’s not how any of this works.

Their merchandise are ‘scientifically confirmed’ to do X, Y, and Z.

Most likely not.

Out of all of the vitamin MLMs I’ve reviewed, I believe Juice Plus is the one firm that has achieved analysis on its merchandise.

And by ‘analysis,’ I imply ‘lame research that comprise affirmation bias and are achieved by the corporate’ kind of factor.

In any other case, MLMs are likely to seek advice from research which were achieved not on their merchandise, however on elements that their merchandise comprise. These research could also be quick, outdated, on animals, with poor methodology, and utilizing doses and formulations which might be fully completely different from what’s within the MLM complement, however the layperson doesn’t normally know any higher.

Once you see ‘clinically confirmed’ or ‘scientifically confirmed’ and even, ‘developed by Harvard scientists!’ (I see this one lots, and it means nothing) be skeptical. Discover the precise research. See what they are saying. When you’re not well-versed in vitamin analysis, get somebody to learn the examine and allow you to know if it corroborates what the corporate/salesperson is telling you.

We’ve got kilos and kilos of poisonous waste in our intestines.

That is simply totally false, and it’s the right instance of an organization or particular person creating an issue that you just didn’t know you had (and really don’t have), then promoting you the answer. 

Vitamin MLM and wellness 101.


Um, no, Karen, we don’t have ‘poisonous sludge’ in our intestines. Additionally: she stole this picture from one other website. ItWorks merchandise don’t seem like this.


There isn’t a gastroenterologist on the planet who would verify that wholesome folks with out signs are strolling round with kilos of crap of their our bodies. 

Possibly somebody with an intestinal obstruction would have that difficulty, however they’d be vomiting and having horrible belly ache, too. In different phrases, they’d want a hospital, not It Works detox drink.

Collagen is superior to another kind of protein. 

Can we simply finish it with collagen already? 

To start with, the proof round collagen peptides doing something for pores and skin, hair, and nails is weak. 

modere collagen

OMFG. Modere, STOP NOW. Collagen foam is complete BS.

The proof round collagen protein over different protein sources for weight reduction is nonexistent. 

There isn’t a proof backing up any intestine well being claims about collagen. So no, bone broth doesn’t ‘seal’ your intestinal epithelial junctions. That’s simply the worst oversimplification ever. 

When you like collagen, by all means take it. However don’t count on miracles. 

You’ll be able to goal and burn your fats – particularly stomach fats – with dietary supplements.

No, you STILL can’t spot-reduce fats. In order that MLM that’s promising you that its complement can burn your stomach fats with slimming gummies *ahem* It Works *ahem* isn’t being straight with you.

modere trim

A complete lie. Modere trim doesn’t ‘burn fats.’

Regardless that each vitamin MLM sells their very own fats burner that incorporates a novel ‘proprietary mix,’ I’ve but to see an individual who has ever burned any fats utilizing them. 

itworks slimming gummies

ItWorks is brutal. To start with, their Slimming Gummies don’t look something like this. Second of all, what this particular person is claiming is a physiological impossibility.

Any particular person or firm promoting fats burners is ignoring a primary physiological reality: 

No complement burns fats. If it did, this could be an enormous discovery that everybody would find out about.

Fats burners. HUGE crimson flag.

Their merchandise are ‘premium,’ whereas store-bought variations are ‘poisonous.’

I bear in mind a Usana salesperson making an attempt to persuade girls that common, drugstore prenatal nutritional vitamins are poisonous, whereas Usana ones aren’t.

This merely isn’t true, nevertheless it’s one other manner that vitamin MLMs use cache to promote their merchandise.

thrive vitamins

Mother-shaming at its very worst.

It means that: 

Individuals who purchase stuff from drugstores are getting decrease high quality, and are subjecting themselves to dietary supplements with potential toxins and high quality management points. Truly although, the alternative is true. 

These identical individuals are unaware of the amazingness of X MLM’s dietary supplements, and are within the ‘others’ class – as a result of they haven’t been enlightened. This kind of tactic is supposed to make you assume that the MLM has found one thing magical that the standard medical system has missed. Newsflash: that’s unfaithful. 

Individuals who use X MLM’s merchandise as a substitute of drugstore manufacturers care extra about themselves and are a part of an elite ‘group.’

These techniques are all about utilizing id and worry mongering for advertising. The reality is that MLM merchandise haven’t been proven ever to be superior to different manufacturers. 

Sure dietary supplements can block fats or carb absorption.

What’s the factor I stated earlier on on this put up?

Proper: If it labored, the food plan business would stop to exist.


thrive cheat meal

Thrive Cheat Meal doesn’t block what you eat. That’s absurd. Additionally: consuming after which making an attempt to ‘block’ the meals in your system sounds very disordered. Please don’t belief your well being to somebody like this.

MLMs typically use elements which were researched – a terrific instance is Plexus Block, which incorporates seaweed and white kidney bean. There are research behind these two elements, however shock – they’re from the 80s, and the outcomes weren’t vital.

Do you assume that if carb blocking elements have been actually efficient, we might understand it by now, and so they’d be used as first-line remedies for diabetes and weight reduction.

Thrive Deal with Meal is similar kind of factor. 

A trashy complement that apparently blocks carbs and fat, it’s too good to be true.

Prickly pear, okra, and fibre don’t block fats, folks. Get severe, okay? Please don’t waste your cash.

Additionally: fats and carbs aren’t horrid, poisonous issues that it’s essential ‘block.’ Let’s get away from that kind of considering (and cheat days, you don’t want these, both). 

They actually care about you.

This one has nothing to do about vitamin, however I’m mentioning it anyhow as a result of it’s one thing I see each day: vitamin MLM coaches and salespeople pretending that they care about their purchasers.

Pretending that they’re completely happy to reconnect after not talking to you for 15 years. 

Pretending that they’ve your greatest pursuits at coronary heart.


I see vitamin MLM salespeople as individuals who have been on a sinking ship in the midst of the ocean. They’re continuously making an attempt to maintain their heads above water, and so they’ll step on anybody to get one other breath.

Is that imply of me to say?

I don’t doubt that these folks really feel excessive strain: a current survey on MLMs and revenue discovered that 47% of MLM salespeople truly lose cash throughout the time that they’re concerned. One other 25% break even, and the final 25% earn money, besides, greater than half of that 25% make lower than $5000.

They’ve to satisfy quotas and are beholden to their upline to promote promote promote. It sounds depressing, to be trustworthy. 

In addition they have to keep up the facade of being a ‘enterprise proprietor’ and having hustle…one thing that may’t be simple, given the truth that their revenue might be horrible. 


Lots of people ask me if I’d ever suggest any of the vitamin MLM merchandise I’ve reviewed, and the reply is not any. This typically isn’t as a result of the merchandise are harmful; it’s due to the fantastical claims these firms use for advertising, the best way MLMs goal girls, and the whole lack of oversight round their coaches and salespeople. 

Getting more healthy doesn’t imply supporting firms that declare to ’empower’ girls whereas utilizing them to push product. It additionally doesn’t imply placing stuff into your physique that you just don’t know something about, or listening to individuals who haven’t any clues about science. 

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