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Under is an approximation of this video’s audio content material. To see any graphs, charts, graphics, photographs, and quotes to which Dr. Greger could also be referring, watch the above video.

A reasonably overweight particular person doing reasonably intense bodily exercise, like biking or brisk strolling, would burn off roughly 350 energy an hour, however most drinks, snacks, and different processed junk are consumed at a price of about 70 energy per minute. Due to this fact, it solely takes 5 minutes for somebody to wipe out a complete hour of train.

Enter: the “AspireAssist siphon meeting.”

It’s a percutaneous gastrostomy system, that means surgeons reduce a gap in your abdomen and tunnel a fistula out by means of your belly wall. So, after every meal you may connect a suction gadget to the outlet and straight drain out your abdomen contents. You can gorge on doughnuts, spew them out by means of the outlet in your abdomen, after which gorge once more on extra doughnuts. Have your cake, and eat it too…and three, and 4 occasions. It’s like bulimia—with out the aftertaste!

Appears to me the quintessential American invention, straight from the land that introduced you Jell-O salads, spray cheese, and deep-fried Snickers bars. Sufferers do drop some pounds, maybe partly, maybe, as a result of the fistula might intrude with the comfort of the abdomen wall throughout a meal. The method additionally requires ingesting a number of water and for meals to be chewed totally, each of which can assist with weight reduction in different methods by growing hydration and slowing consuming price. Sufferers additionally began to make more healthy decisions to “keep away from unpleasant-appearing gastric aspirate of unhealthy meals decisions.” The tubing is evident and evidently fried meals look notably gross as they’re pumped out.

All sufferers must take supplemental potassium, because it’s sucked out within the abdomen juices; in any other case, they danger turning into potassium poor (a typical complication in true bulimia), however most unwanted side effects are simply minor wound problems. Critical antagonistic results, like belly abscesses, are uncommon. The large promoting level is that the siphon system “doesn’t alter the anatomy of the gastrointestinal tract.” Looks like a low bar, however in at present’s Wild West world of weight reduction procedures, you may’t take something with no consideration. Living proof: the “duodenal-jejunal bypass liner.”

Gastric bypass surgical procedure works partly by reducing out a part of the small gut from the circulate of meals to forestall assist the absorption of energy. As a substitute of main surgical procedure, how about simply dropping down a pair ft of plastic tubing to line the intestinal partitions? The issue with the “EndoBarrier” is that it must be anchored within the digestive tract. That is achieved with ten barbed hooks that trigger lacerations, accounting for almost all of the 891 antagonistic results reported in 1,056 sufferers. That’s almost 9 out of 10. Extreme penetrating trauma, leading to esophageal perforation or liver abscesses, is fortunately extra uncommon (occurring in solely about 1 in 27 sufferers).

Concern has been raised concerning the “palatability” of the AspireAssist abdomen pump, however probably the most cringeworthy endoscopic process I ran throughout in my analysis was intestinal “resurfacing.” Why cowl the within of your intestines with plastic to forestall absorption when you may simply “thermally ablate the superficial duodenal mucosa.” In different phrases, have your intestinal lining burned off. Or fairly, “resurfaced.”

Surgeons have tried injecting botox into the abdomen partitions of overweight people hoping it could partially paralyze their gastric muscle tissues, sluggish abdomen emptying, make individuals really feel fuller longer, and drop some pounds. It didn’t work.

Researchers in Sweden tried randomizing individuals to put on corsets for 12 to 16 hours a day, seven days every week, for 9 months. And it didn’t work. You possibly can guess why—the research topics simply didn’t put on them. The corset was “perceived as uncomfortable.” Duh.

“Sanitized tapeworms” have evidently been broadly marketed as a weight reduction treatment since again within the early 1900s. The truth that residing tapeworms have been found throughout bariatric surgical procedure operations suggests infesting your self with parasites is probably not notably efficient both.

Talking of disgusting methods, how about disgust itself? A research entitled “Harnessing the ability of disgust: a randomized trial to cut back high-calorie meals enchantment by means of implicit priming” tried utilizing subliminal messages to smash individuals’s urge for food. Instantly earlier than photographs of wholesome meals, researchers confirmed individuals joyful photographs like a bunch of kittens in a 20-millisecond flash. That’s too fast to consciously register, however the hope was to plant a constructive imprint on the mind. Earlier than photographs of high-calorie meals like ice cream although, they as an alternative flashed scenes of a “cockroach on a slice of pizza, vomit in an unclean bathroom, a burn wound…” Apparently, it labored! Topics subsequently reported a lowered want to eat high-calorie meals, although this wasn’t examined straight. The researchers conclude subliminal revulsion may be a “profitable tactic to fight the onslaught of meals cues that promote unhealthy consuming.”

The remainder of the world appears to be like on bemused by American machinations, penning commentaries like “A view from throughout the pond…Don’t allow them to eat cake!” A paper within the journal Weight problems Surgical procedure entitled “What are the Yanks doing?” reviewed the U.S. expertise with “implantable gastric stimulation,” inserting electrodes into the muscular layer of the abdomen wall. When that didn’t work, we tried “colon electrical stimulation.”

Much more surprising had been research like “Repetitive electrical mind stimulation reduces meals consumption in people.” Although inserting deep mind electrodes is taken into account a “complication-prone operation,” scientists have lengthy contemplated whether or not “inserting an electrode someplace within the mind might make individuals eat much less.” Holes had been drilled by means of the skulls of 5 overweight people, and wires had been pushed into their brains for “electro-stimulatory exploration.” As soon as they poked round and located spots the place they had been capable of elicit “convincing starvation responses,” they despatched sufficient juice in to fry out “electro-coagulatory lesions.” It appeared to work in cats and monkeys, however the researchers discovered that burning holes in individuals’s brains “didn’t produce weight reduction in overweight people.” Fortunately, as I intention to clarify in my guide How To not Food regimen, wholesome sustainable weight reduction isn’t mind surgical procedure.

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