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Do you know the overwhelming majority of American girls will in all probability get uterine fibroids by age 50? However regardless of being frequent, there’s not plenty of discuss fibroids within the nationwide dialog on girls’s well being.

Ladies attempting to know their fibroid prognosis and therapy and administration choices typically get incorrect info, which contributes to stigma about fibroids and may hold individuals who have them from reaching out for assist.

That is why we’re excited to have joined forces with
The White Gown Venture to assist girls dwelling with fibroids really feel supported and empowered throughout their journey. As a nonprofit group primarily made up of girls who’ve traveled by means of fibroid journeys of their very own, The White Gown Venture is uniquely positioned to associate with us to coach, empower and assist people who find themselves managing life with fibroids.

By our collective work, we have developed assets as an instance life with fibroids, educate the group, encourage self-advocacy and strengthen the patient-healthcare supplier relationship and interplay.

We invite you to discover our inspiring and academic content material beneath.

This useful resource has been created with assist from Myovant Sciences and Pfizer.

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Fibroids are irregular growths that develop in or on a girl’s uterus. In some instances, no indicators or signs are current, but when the tumors change into extraordinarily enlarged, girls can expertise extreme belly ache and heavy durations. Though the reason for fibroids remains to be unknown, as much as 80% of girls expertise fibroids by the age of fifty and African American girls endure from fibroids 2 to three occasions greater than white girls at a youthful age and sometimes extra severely. For extra info on fibroids, contact your healthcare supplier and go to the assets supplied beneath.

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