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make a home made deer fly entice with just a few easy and cheap supplies for simple, unhazardous prevention of their painful, bloodsucking bites.

Constructing a deer fly entice is usually a necessity throughout heat climate. Fairly a bit completely different from a DIY home fly entice or home made fly repellent, efficiently clearing an space from deer flies entails nothing greater than a sticky coating on an object of engaging coloration.

What are Deer Flies?

Deer flies are bugs within the horse fly household Tabanidae.

There are roughly 4300 species on the planet. 300 of those are in North America with not less than two generally acknowledged by folks: horse flies and deer flies (typically referred to as “yellow” or “pine” flies).

These bugs suck blood and are major nuisance pests of individuals, livestock, and wildlife.

Painful, Itchy Bites

As bloodsuckers, the deer fly chew might be very painful, usually leaving giant, itchy welts that final for every week and even longer.

After I get bitten, I exploit this garlic gel ointment for quick reduction.

Different pure bug chew treatments for deer flies embody tea tree oil and uncooked ACV utilized with a cotton pad.

In case you prefer to make issues your self, this home made natural salve recipe works very nicely too.

Allergic Reactions

Some folks develop allergic reactions to deer fly bites.

They will then usually swell and be vulnerable to an infection. A visit to the physician might then be vital.

Illness Danger

Completely different deer fly species happen at completely different instances in the course of the yr and sometimes are present in excessive populations in inhabited areas.

When this can be a yard or favourite fishing spot, deer flies can turn out to be an actual well being subject for folks and pets.

It’s because deer flies, like every bloodsucking insect, can unfold illnesses like Lyme though the analysis is blended on how excessive the danger really is. (1)

Make a Deer Fly Lure

If the painful bites which will trigger sickness have you ever wanting to maintain these critters out of your outside areas, you can be blissful to know that making a deer fly entice your self is sort of straightforward and really cheap.

In 4 straightforward steps, you’ll be able to construct a easy however very efficient entice for deer flies in lower than 5 minutes!

  • Poke a gap within the prime of a giant BLUE plastic ingesting cup. Blue attracts them the very best in keeping with College of Florida researchers. Be aware that purple and black additionally work to a lesser extent. (2)
  • Reduce a small 1″ gap within the prime of the cup.
  • Push a stick or pole of some sort that’s about 4′ lengthy via the cup gap.
  • Paint this sticky coating all around the exterior of the cup. In case you get a few of it in your palms, a unhazardous orange oil all-purpose cleaner that accommodates D-limonene (a part in citrus peel) will simply take away it.

You’re able to go!


Deer flies are drawn to sluggish motion and are “ambush” predators.

Additionally they appear to be drawn to the sound of flowing water. For instance, I are inclined to have probably the most issues when I’m watering my backyard!

Therefore, the best technique to clear your property of those nuisance bugs is to stroll slowly round your yard holding the entice close to foliage the place they cover.

You may also connect the entice to a garden mower, tractor or automotive. Drive slowly round your property to cowl bigger areas.

Daybreak or nightfall are the very best instances of the day. Nonetheless, any time in the course of the morning or late afternoon additionally works not less than in my neck of the woods right here in Central Florida.

The pole ought to be roughly 5-6 toes off the bottom … about the identical top as your head.

Watch the entice work like magic as you “troll for deer flies”.

Be aware that this entice additionally works in case you merely depart just a few poles strategically positioned round your property. Whereas not fairly as efficient, the entice nonetheless works whereas stationary to catch many flies!

I’m presently conserving a pole about 30 toes from a porch space and it’s working splendidly to maintain deer flies from attacking me whereas sitting exterior. I substitute the cup each time it’s largely coated with flies. In my space, that’s about as soon as every week.

blue sticky cup deer trap on white pole tree background


(1) The “Trolling” Deer Fly Lure (College of Florida Analysis and Training Heart)

(2) Can Lyme illness be transmitted to people by mosquitoes, horse flies, and deer flies?

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