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Anulom Vilom Pranayama: How you can Observe It, Advantages and Precautions

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Anulom Vilom is a respiratory train, or pranayama, practised to enhance focus and calm the thoughts in yoga.

It entails respiratory by means of the left and proper nostrils in an alternate method: Firstly we inhale fully from the left nostril whereas closing the fitting one, then shut the left nostril and exhale by means of the proper nostril. Respiratory on this alternate course of is then reversed and repeated. 

Anulom Vilom is a type of alternate nostril respiratory as a result of whereas doing this pranayama each nostrils actively take part within the course of one after one other. You breathe in or out from one aspect at a time.

The method of doing Anulom Vilom Pranayama itself could be illustrated by its phrases which means.

Anulom means “with the grain” or “in pure course” and Vilom means “towards the grain” or “in reverse order”. It implies that in Anulom Vilom pranayama Anulom is a technique of inhalation by means of one nostril and Vilom is a technique of exhalation by means of one other nostril, produced in reverse order.

carry on studying to know the fitting process, advantages, and dealing of Anulom Vilom pranayama.

Step-by-step Directions

anulom vilom pranayama aka alternate nostril breathing for headache
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Earlier than doing Anulom Vilom one can do a number of rounds of easy deep respiratory as a warm-up for the lungs.

It’s really helpful observe Anulom Vilom empty abdomen ideally within the morning, nevertheless if not, it may be executed anytime offered it’s been 4 hours because you’ve taken a full meal.

Comply with the steps beneath to observe Anulom Vilom:

  • Begin with sitting in a cushty posture, backbone straight, shoulder rolled again and eyes closed. You may select to take a seat in a meditation place.
  • Make Vishnu Mudra along with your proper hand by bending your center and index fingers in the direction of the palm whereas protecting the ring, little finger and thumb straight. The left hand could be stored resting on the left kneecap or in Gyan Mudra.
  • Increase your proper hand to the nostril tip, elbow pointing outward straight to the fitting.
  • Shut the tip of the fitting nostril along with your thumb and take a deep breath in out of your left nostril for 4 counts. Really feel the air flowing by means of the left nostril to the lungs.
  • Now shut the left nostril by ring and little fingers and launch the thumb from the fitting nostril to exhale fully for 8 counts.
  • Along with your left nostril shut, after full exhalation, inhale deeply by means of your proper nostril for 4 counts.
  • Shut proper nostril, launch ring and little fingers and exhale by means of the left nostril for 8 counts.
  • This completes one spherical of Anulom Vilom respiratory.  

One spherical of Anulom Vilom respiratory contains inhaling by means of the left (4 counts) + exhaling by means of the fitting (8 counts) + inhaling by means of the fitting (4 counts) + exhaling by means of the left (8 counts).

On this approach, by doing Anulom Vilom for 1 minute you’ll full 2.5 rounds. Initially, you’ll be able to observe it for 10 to 12 rounds which roughly will take 5 minutes at one time.

You might do Anulom Vilom a number of occasions a day: morning, midday and night. To reap optimum advantages, goal to observe it for no less than half-hour each day (together with all classes) for a month. After practising it persistently for a month, improve your time by 10 minutes per session.

Respiratory Ratio

The traditional respiratory ratio in Anulom Vilom ought to be 1:2 i.e. if inhalation is 4 counts then exhalation ought to be 8 counts. Nonetheless, if it’s not comfy exhaling for 8 counts, a newbie might cut back the counts however the ratio ought to at all times be the identical.

Historically in some yoga texts, Anulom Vilom is instructed incorporating breath retention between inhale and exhale. In that case, the respiratory ratio is 1:4:2. So, 4 counts inhalation, 16 counts retention, and eight counts exhalation.

Once more, the rely of the respiratory could also be elevated or decreased in accordance with the experience and lung capability of an individual, but it surely at all times ought to be in a ratio of 1:4:2.

Precautions and contraindications

The practise of Anulom Vilom pranayama is secure for all, nevertheless, in some situations, one ought to contemplate taking precautions:

  • Pregnant women and folks affected by hypertension, nervousness, or panic assaults ought to hold the tempo of respiratory comparatively gradual and never maintain their breath at any level.
  • If in case you have any form of coronary heart illness seek the advice of your physician earlier than observe and take steerage in individual from an skilled yoga instructor.
  • Folks with arthritis or some other joint downside can observe this respiratory train sitting on a chair as a substitute of sitting cross-legged.
  • Don’t proceed this respiratory train if at any level you’re feeling dizziness, breath shortness or lightheadedness.


anulom vilom benefits
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Practising Anulom Vilom for 10 to fifteen minutes within the morning yoga session might help you improve your consciousness all through the day. It clears the bodily, psychological and emotional blockages for higher circulation of air within the physique.

When practised within the night, Anulom Vilom might assist calm down the sympathetic nervous system – which controls your struggle or flight response – which in flip might help you higher sleep at evening.

Scientific proof proves that practising Anulom Vilom positively impacts your cardiovascular system, respiratory system, nervous system, and mind. It will increase your focus and oxygen stage within the physique.

Listed here are 5 evidence-based advantages of Anulom Vilom pranayama:

1. Improves respiratory system and clears blockages

Anuloma Vilom improves lung energy and could be utilized to deal with respiratory issues resembling bronchial asthma and allergy symptoms. It helps struggle infections that may result in severe points like bronchitis or chest infections. It clears the congested nostrils which might support people that suffer from loud night breathing or sinus points.

In a 2017 examine carried out on 27 nationwide and worldwide aggressive swimmers of the age vary 13–20 years, it was efficiently famous that yogic respiratory workouts resembling Anulom Vilom considerably enhanced respiratory endurance.

A paper revealed in 2013 was profitable in noting that half-hour of Anulom Vilom observe labored as a catalyst in treating rhinosinusitis, or sinus irritation.

2. Alleviate stress and enhance the standard of sleep 

Anulom Vilom pranayama has a calming impression on the mind that decreases stress and enhances psychological wellness. It helps to handle stress and enhance psychological wellbeing.

It has been proven in a 2017 examine, Anulom Vilom helps stress-related situations like nervousness and temper swings by balancing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous methods. The observe prevents unfavorable ideas from getting into the thoughts and promotes optimistic considering thus stopping signs of melancholy advert nervousness.

With a peaceful and stress-free thoughts, you may as well profit from improved high quality of sleep and enhanced rest.

Many people love to do Anulom Vilom within the morning earlier than they begin their day because it helps them get into a very good temper.

3. Strengthens and maintains the cardiovascular system

Anulom Vilom modulates blood strain and nourishes the veins and nerves all through the physique. It may possibly assist deal with BP-related situations like coronary heart blockages, hypertension, and diabetes.

Every day observe of Anulom Vilom can defend us from coronary heart assaults, cardiac arrests, and a rise in unhealthy ldl cholesterol by stopping artery obstruction, rendering arteries cleaner, and rising blood circulation. 

It will increase the center’s efficiency by sustaining wholesome and steady blood circulation all through the physique.

A 2013 paper exhibits on doing Anulom Vilom there’s a important lower in blood strain by balancing the autonomous nervous system.

One other examine additionally concluded that gradual pranayam workouts resembling Anulom Vilom enhance varied cardiovascular capabilities and enhance the general high quality of life.

4. Promotes higher functioning of the digestive system

By bettering blood and oxygen circulation within the physique, Anulom Vilom pranayama can support within the therapy of abdomen infections resembling constipation and gastric issues.

This respiratory approach massages and stimulates the stomach organs and strengthens the digestive system. Consequently, the metabolism will get streamlined and you’ll profit by means of the discount of weight and weight problems issues.

5. Enhances pores and skin vitality with higher circulation

As talked about earlier than, Anulom Vilom pranayama promotes higher oxygen and blood circulation all through the physique. This retains the organs’ functioning wholesome and supplies the pores and skin with wholesome vitamins. It awakens tissues and re-energizes the physique, giving it a burst of freshness, thus, eradicating dullness, and making you feel and look younger. It additionally encourages you to remain cheerful and assume optimistic that in flip sustaining a wholesome glow in your face.

How does Anulom Vilom Pranayama work?

3 main nadis and 7 chakras
Picture: fitsri

Anulom Vilom principally is a balancing respiratory train that on a delicate aircraft works to detoxify the Nadis or community of power channels. When our Nadis are clear it brings a lightness to the physique and thoughts, our doshas are balanced and complete bodily operate works successfully.

There are three primary Nadis Ida, Pingala and Sushumna in our physique that are straight related to the left and proper hemispheres of the mind. Now it’s attention-grabbing to know that these Nadis could be regulated by respiratory by means of alternate nostrils. And that is what occurs in Anulom Vilom Pranayama.

Right here’s how Anulom Vilom brings optimistic adjustments to the physique and thoughts by regulating Nadis:

1. Ida Nadi or the Left Nostril

Ida Nadi lies to the left aspect of the backbone. It corresponds to the left aspect of the physique and the fitting aspect of the mind.

Once we inhale by means of the left nostril in Anulom Vilom pranayama, it opens the Ida Nadi which additional prompts the left aspect of the physique (proper hemisphere of the mind).

Once we breathe in by means of left nostril and exhale by means of proper nostril

  • The sensation of lightness (cool power) within the physique
  • The digestive system works at its finest
  • Eliminate chilly and flu signs

2. Pingala Nadi or the Proper Nostril

Pingala Nadi lies to the fitting aspect of the backbone. It corresponds to the fitting aspect of the physique and the left aspect of the mind.

Whereas performing Anulom Vilom pranayama, once we inhale from the fitting nostril it opens the Pingala Nadi which additional prompts the proper aspect of the physique (& left hemisphere of the mind).

Once we breathe in by means of proper nostril and exhale by means of left nostril

  • You received’t be a fast mood anymore
  • Bodily, dry pores and skin associated issues can be cured
  • Your flickering thoughts could be secure sufficient to pay attention

3. Sushumna Nadi – The Central Power Channel

Sushumna Nadi runs alongside the backbone and lies within the centre. It connects the root chakra (Muladhara) to the Crown Chakra (Sahasrara). This Nadi is lively in the course of the time of meditation. Blockage on this Nadi offers unhealthy outcomes whereas doing meditation.

Open Sushumna Nadi Options by Anulom Vilom: 

  • After our breath obtained a steadiness in Ida & Pingala Nadis,  Anulom Vilom pranayama goals to let prana circulation by means of Sushumna Nadi. When prana begins flowing by means of the central channel, you’ll really feel spiritually woke up.

Anulom Vilom and Nadi Shodhan

Though the strategy of each Anulom Vilom and Nadi Shodhan Pranayama is kind of related, there’s a important distinction which makes them two completely different pranayamas.

In Anulom Vilom observe, breath retention or “Kumbhak” just isn’t integrated usually i.e. you inhale from the one nostril and instantly exhale from the opposite nostril. Whereas in Nadi Shodhan, breath retention is the essential half. After inhaling from one nostril, you maintain your breath inside for a number of seconds after which exhale from the other nostril.

One other distinction between Nadi Shodhan and Anulom Vilom relies on the hand mudras used to shut nostrils in these practices. In Anulom Vilom we make a hand gesture referred to as Vishnu Mudra whereas in Nadi Shodhan the hand gesture used known as Nasarga Mudra.

Vishnu Mudra is suggested particularly for Anulom Vilom pranayama as a result of it’s a balancing gesture that ‘balances’ the left/proper mind hemispheres. And above that, on this mudra index and center fingers are bent in the direction of the palm which makes it straightforward to alternatively swap between nostrils.

Closing Thought

Anulom Vilom is a cleaning respiratory train that’s usually carried out earlier than any primary pranayama. It clears all of the channels or Nadis for simple and clean circulation of pranic power. By this circulation, the Ida and Pingala Nadis get steadiness which is why it’s also characterised as a cleaning approach. 

Since Anulom Vilom is secure for almost all of individuals and is quite easy to carry out, you’ll be able to both study and observe it by yourself or first study from a professional yoga instructor.


How lengthy ought to I carry out Anulom Vilom?

Newbies can do this for five minutes at a time at first and slowly improve the time per session as they develop into comfy with lengthy inhalation and exhalation. It may be practised twice/thrice a day: morning and night. Typically, each day half-hour of observe is sufficient to reap its all advantages.

What ought to I do first, kapalbhati or anulom vilom?

Since Anulom Vilom has extra of just like the meditative results, it’s usually suggested to observe it after kapalbhati or quick respiratory workouts that are vigorous in observe and produce warmth within the physique.

Is Anulom Vilom and Nadi Shodhan Pranayama identical?

No, as a result of Anulom Vilom doesn’t contain “breath retention” it’s merely a balancing respiratory train. Nadi Shodhan could be thought-about a complicated model of Anulom Vilom the place practitioners study to carry their breath after inhalation and exhalation.

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